Install meetroo projects on SharePoint

Install Meetroo projects dash

meetroo projects can be installed on SharePoint Online or any version of SharePoint 2010.

Installing the meetroo projects dash Sandbox application is a straightforward process. We assume that you have basic knowledge of SharePoint 2010 and the rights to install a sandbox solution in your SharePoint Site Collection.

This guide consists of two parts:

1.       Installing the solution 

2.       Activating the necessary SharePoint Features

Installing the solution

The design philosophy of meetroo is mainly aimed at ease of use. Therefore the installation has been made as easy as possible for end users. Any user with basic knowledge of SharePoint should be able to install the solution.


The first step is downloading the solution from our website if you haven’t already. Once you have it on your hard drive. It’s called: “meetroo projects.wsp”

Open your SharePoint site collection and go to the Site Settings of the site collections. Make sure you go to Site Collection settings and not to the one of the subsites.

Go to Galleries à Solutions.

Click on the Solutions tab on your ribbon to show the options for solutions. Click on ‘Upload Solution’ and a dialog box opens where you can browse to the location of the solution on your computer.


Check the checkbox next to ‘meetroo projects.wsp’ and click Activate in the ribbon.


If you can’t see the activate dialog check if you uploaded the correct file with a ‘.wsp’ extension.

If the ‘activate’ button is “greyed out” you’ll have to contact your SharePoint admins to make sure that Sandbox Solutions are enabled. By default this is disabled in SharePoint environments. Central Administration àMicrosoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Serivce’.


Feature activation

After successfully installing the sandbox solution you have to activate the feature on the site you want to use for meetroo projects. We have automatically activated the site collection feature so you don’t have to worry about that.

Go to the site you want to use or create a new site. Go to Site Actions à Site Settings à Site Features. Find the ‘meetroo projects list feature’ and turn it on. This will create the necessary lists and views on your site so the webpart can function.

Next we have to place the webpart on the site itself. On a location you can choose, we suggest putting it in the rich text so it is always place in the center of the page, add the webpart to the page.

When SharePoint has inserted the web part you are done with the installation process.
You are now ready to start working with the meetroo projects dash-board!

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